We just received a printed copy of “Stone Carving for the Rising Sun: A History of the Japanese Replicas of the Salamancan University Façade and New Cathedral Nativity Portal“, an article I’ve written about a very singular project in which my dad took part.

During the mid-90s, the Plateresque buildings in my hometown were reproduced by local artisans in Villamayor sandstone following the blueprints that my father drew at his small office. Such project, today standing in Gifu, Japan, was possible thanks to the patronage of Empress Michiko, her friend the pipeorgan-maker Hiroshi Tsuji and hispanist Eikichi Hayashiya -then ambassador to Spain-, who lead the fundraising.

Princess Sayako attended the grand opening in Gifu in 1998 and met the team of Spanish stone carvers. At home we still keep, apart from the original drawings, the cloth Chrysanthemum flower used to signal those allowed to speak to members of the Imperial family.

[Una anécdota para salmantinos: a la inauguración asistió también Pilar Fernández Labrador, en aquel momento concejala de cultura. Sus trenzas enrolladas tipo princesa Leia (ver google) cautivaron al público femenino japonés].

I must note that the printed edition of the ‘Journal of Traditional Architecture and Urbanism’ #3 by INTBAU is very well edited and pleasant to read.